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Guys in dresses with Rouge and OCs by CreepypastaGoth Guys in dresses with Rouge and OCs by CreepypastaGoth
My fetish for ukes in dresses.(Plus Rouge & my HS OC along with Allen)

First row:
-A friend from school asked for Kurt in a Halloween outfit. I put him in a jack'O lantern-ish oufit.
-Kurt on a lab table in an outfit similar to the one Rouge is in
-Wanted to put Danny in a dress, was going to put him in a dress from Twin Princesses of the Mysterious Star but chose something else which lead to Danny in a Sailor Moon outfit.XD
-Wanted John in his sister's outfit

Middle row:
Had an idea were Kurt(all Kurts I'm drawing are from X-Men Adventures you know where the Brotherhood is in school) gets kidnapped & gets stuck some where forced into a dress or feminie outfit & I dunno(make it up just no lemons or whatever)
Then when they let him go home(Forgot to say they made it so he couldn't use his powers untill they were done) he leaves in a brown trench coat(like at the start of the show) that covers him below the head
Funniest part is that he has all the outfits they forced him to put on hidden in the back of his closet!XD

-So yeah this is one of the moments, he is dressed like a school girl in a sailor fuku(Actually this was based off of LOL by Miku Hatsune)
-Kurt got forced into his sister's clothes(in his size) & hoping she will save him
-Went horrorstuck-ish thing & did my fantroll Allein Träum & my HS OC Chry Mystery get fused together(I meant for a certain side of Chry's face to have Allein's eye & it is on the wrong side) Allein got fused to Chry. Well if I did ink this & color it in it might be better but I'm lazy.

Bottom row:
-Sonic in his adopted mother's(from Sonic Underground & DON'T BUG ME) dress also in head canon Sonic had glasses as a kid till something
-Allen in an outfit based on ChibiChibi from Sailor Moon
-Chry/Allien having calmed down from being fused & Allien's horns have grown on Chry all the way
-I looked at a pic a person in class had printed from DA(At least I think it was I saw some words on it)
Got the idea to draw someone in it which was how Rouge was in it(Not exactlly like it but kind of)

I own nothing but Chry, Allien & Allen
Rouge & Sonic belongs to SEGA
John belongs to Andrew Hussie
Kurt is from X-Men
Danny from Danny Phantom
Rascalpound Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
They are all so adorable
CreepypastaGoth Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I know.XD
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