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Current ones open at the moment:
Random Adoptables 1[Open] by CreepypastaGoth 1/3 Open
Experiments Adoptables: Open by CreepypastaGoth 1/4 Open
DreamKeepers and some Minecraft adopts by CreepypastaGoth 6/8 Open

Current Projects

Requests, trades & commissions:
Gee I wonder...=_=; ->
Note: I do have the list when I get a request, trade, or commission. I'm just lazy so might not see the list posted.
Also prices are being redone.

Let's draw: - KAITO sugestions - Experiments sugestions

Chapter 1: In progress(On the computer)

Sto Awaystuck:
Currently thinking of beginning page(Animated)

Past Shenanigans:
Currently thinking of beginning page(Animated)

Arcobaleno Chronicles:
Still working on Earth Arcobaleno(And inking the profiles)
Working on mini pages

Project A.L.I.C.E.:
On hold, look at Experiments for hints from this

Digital City:
On hold, plot in progress

Sonic Underground Fan Reboot:
On hold

Untold Tales of Sonic & Friends:
On hold but plot is slightly in progress

Journal from Camelot:
On hold

Not put/mentioned online yet

Fox Tales:
To be announced

Phantom Message:
To be announced

Dreams & Nightmares:
On hold, plot some what in progress

Current Stories in progress

Of Frosty Angels and Wind Currents:
Second chapter being worked on

Fun Things to Traveling through Space:
On hold until an idea comes to mind. Ideas suggested by viewers are welcomed.

America's Keeper:
Second chapter in editing progress, on hiatus

Not put online yet

Hope for Happiness(TMNT):
In progress/on hold

Spin the -sake- bottle(Vocaloid oneshot):
In progress

Why(SGT. Frog):
On hold

Fallen Demon(PSG OCs):
On hold

On hold but plot kind of started

On hold

Blue Wind(Homestuck oneshot):
Working on it


Character Reference Sheet
Grace the Death Angel by CreepypastaGoth
My cute baby by CreepypastaGoth
Narrative by CreepypastaGoth
Kitty by CreepypastaGoth
Pai by CreepypastaGoth
Arthur Glitches(WTF am I doing) by CreepypastaGoth
For the record these will be fully colored. They will also have random things of color that show what colors you need. It will also say the character's name. Please tell me if you want states on the side or something.

Also please also say which of the following you want or the ref:
-Front view, side view(s)
-Front view, back view
-Front view, side views(s), back view

-Please do NOT keep asking when it is done. There is a reason I don't do requests. I try to get things worked on & done when I'm able to.
-Nothing sexual
-I need existing pics of the character for reference(Pic refs only, description ref might be done wrong)
-I'm doing this on an iPad just a heads up
-You need to ask for shading other wise it's flat. Eyes will be fully shaded
Colored drawing
The Brainiac That Fell in Love With The Man in Red by CreepypastaGoth
Da kawaii iz attack'en! -SHOT- by CreepypastaGoth
I couldn't help it by CreepypastaGoth
Family photo by CreepypastaGoth
Candyheart Melody by CreepypastaGoth
I forgot what the tittle was by CreepypastaGoth
I'm lazy but I try.

-Please do NOT keep asking when it is done. There is a reason I don't do requests. I try to get things worked on & done when I'm able to.
-Nothing sexual
-I need a reference for the drawing(Pic refs only description ref might be done wrong)
-I'm doing this on an iPad just a heads up
-You need to ask for shading other wise it's flat. Might do the eyes though.
-Not always going to have a background.
-May take a while but while get completed.
Lineart Drawings
Say cheese by CreepypastaGoth
A cute couple(Leo stop glaring) by CreepypastaGoth
Ma toast! by CreepypastaGoth
Grace Ref WIP by CreepypastaGoth
Just another normal day by CreepypastaGoth
-Please do NOT keep asking when it is done. There is a reason I don't do requests. I try to get things worked on & done when I'm able to.
-Nothing sexual
-I need a reference for the line art(Pic refs only description ref might be done wrong)
-I'm doing this on an iPad just a heads up
-Only the person buying can color the lineart in unless given permission by buyer
-You have to ask for shading on lineart(if you want it) & also for lines to be a different color is you want. Only the out line will have it's colored change not multicolored for each bit & piece.
Sketch dump
Chibi Time!(JEFF GIVE ME THE DAMN MASK BACK!) by CreepypastaGoth
Nursebelle23 Point Commission 1/3 by CreepypastaGoth
Nursebelle23 Point Commission 4 by CreepypastaGoth
Exactly what it says. You'll get a sketch dump plus extra pics -which are just close ups of the sketches- as a free bonus.

-Please do NOT keep asking when it is done. There is a reason I don't do requests. I try to get things worked on & done when I'm able to.
-Nothing sexual
-I might run out of ideas for the sketch dump so any ideas for pics would help
-I need a reference for the sketch(Pic refs only description ref might be done wrong)
-I'm doing this on an iPad just a heads up
-The sketches are not always in color.
-Might take a while
In which I had an awkward moment by CreepypastaGoth
I failed the dress by CreepypastaGoth
Why I can't draw Sonic Style by CreepypastaGoth
Sonic is in the hospital(No actual title) by CreepypastaGoth
DeathPuppy9000 AT by CreepypastaGoth
Happy 4th of July by CreepypastaGoth
Pretty much what it says. Most of my sketch commissions are pretty quick despite detail so the price is pretty easy going if anyone wants pics.

-Please do NOT keep asking when it is done. There is a reason I don't do requests. I try to get things worked on & done when I'm able to.
-Nothing sexual
-I need a reference for the sketch(Pic refs only description ref might be done wrong)
-I'm doing this on an iPad just a heads up
-Sketches are always in blue
Raychild Adoptable Customs
What Raychildren look like(with out add ons) by CreepypastaGoth
I know it might take a while to do the adoptable lineart. So I put up customs using a sketch until I make put up the actual lineart.

About species:

Please answer the following for the character:
Eye color
Hair color
How you want the hair
Species of fish or bat or butterfly
Anything specific

It's best if you have an image ref link of how you want the character's hair on hand for just incase.


CreepypastaGoth has started a donation pool!
0 / 300
Sorry I just want to be able to do things that involve points on here.>_<

You must be logged in to donate.
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Paypal Commissions

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 18, 2014, 7:22 AM

I know I got a commission list up already but it's old.

I'm doing paypal commission. I'll do whatever you want as long as it isn't sexual. I also have the right to refuse a commission. Also for Helix sake don't ask me how long it takes & if I'm done yet. I'm annoyed when people ask me how far along it is. My request box is mostly closed because of that problem.

Please use the comments here for asking for commissions. PLEASE remember that if you don't want people to know(I put in the description who commissioned the pic) you commissioned the pic the you have to not me the commission request. Remember that IF you note me I'll be under the impression YOU want to be anonymous.

If you ask me for expansion art I only do belly expansion, however it looks like their pregnant. I also do pregnancy & unbirth(as weird as it is) art. Please don't me for nude pics I draw the characters like a Barbie doll so it wouldn't matter but it's still awkward.

I heard that you have to give someone your email address in order to pay. I expect you to only do this & NOT spam my email. I had enough problems with unknown people requesting to be my friend when I was still on Yahoo not to mention I was set on invisible.

Also please know this might take me a while to finish. I will finish your commission done but it could take time.

Ok here are some other rules:
-You have to pay first before I start working on your commission.
-This is PayPal only, if you want to pay with points then go look a my profile page for point commissions.
-Don't steal my art especially when you didn't commission the art
-Don't edit with out permission the only time you can with out permission is if you commissioned lineart & you're going to color it.
-Don't claim you made the art
-Remember to credit me if you use my art

Also please send me a reference pic of a character if they are an OC. I will not be able to draw the character if I do not have a picture of them. Do NOT give me a word description because I might do something wrong. Also don't give me a word description ESPECIALLY if it's nothing but a profile description that says nothing about what they look like.

Prices also kind of reflect how long it could take.
Sketch - $5
Lineart - $10
Colored image - $15
Character ref - $20 please ask for side views & back view if you want them in the pic. If you see random splots of color on the ref the those are color refs for the character.

Comics are $2 but are only one panel. If you want extra panels each panel is $2 & colored in comics are $5

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CreepypastaGoth's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Icon by :iconsariasong64:
ID by but Portal cake found on Google

Please read the journal entry below & comment there if you have a request or comission or want to do an art trade.

Requests - FRIENDS ONLY by PrinceProcrastinateArt Trades - OPEN by PrinceProcrastinateCollabs - OPEN by PrinceProcrastinatePoint Comm - OPEN by PrinceProcrastinate
Requests Trades and CommissionI might not get time to doing this, your best chance is to ask me during weekends & during holidays & summer.

If you are going to make a request, trade or commission please leave a comment here or send me a note.(I keep editing this due to remembering stuff)
Oh also requests & trade are up. I do reference photos, art, comics, stories & bases.
#1. On request per person until the rest are done.
#2. Do NOT bug me asking if it is done yet.
#3. No pairings unless they are OC pairings, I can draw canon characters from a series or what ever but not as a pairing only actually pairings I will draw regardless of if canon character or OC is friends or family type pairing & by family I mean OC family, look at a character's past or other characters they think of as family
#4. Nothing sexual
#5. Do NOT trace, recolor, use as a base & other stuff like that to my art
#6. Please DON'T say you made the art work.
#7. I'm ok with doing collabs
#8. It's ok to

My production things:
IcyAngel = Music related
GothicFurry = Art related
GothicAngel = Animation with audio, fanficion/stories & MMD

I LOVE PASTAS Badge - Slenderman by zaaaf
Help Rex by RandomDraggon
Mythbusters, Adam Savage Quote by orian-stampsScrew You, I Like It by LexaKirk:thumb317426405:Sonadow Stamps by Shadow17110Yaoi Stamp by Bextron5000
Anti-Julie Stamp by intelligent-zombiePortal Cake Stamp by Stollrofl

Hello I'm Illusion(Or Kat depending on who you are) but I usually go by Izzy.

I like drawing, watching shows & listening to music. I really like roleplay so don't be worried if you ask. Most of the time I draw on paper but I don't usually scan it -yeah I'm lazy- but I get around to it.

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If I were to make a yaoi group what would you want?(Pairings I like but don't already have a group & have fanart on DA) 

2 deviants said None of them
1 deviant said Raphael/Donatello(TMNT)
1 deviant said All Ash Ketchum shippings(or Paul/Ash)
1 deviant said Comment on combination(I know I'm weird)
No deviants said Zak Monday/Zak Saturday
No deviants said Ghost Writer/Danny Fenton(Phantom)
No deviants said All John Egbert Shippings
No deviants said Dark Rayman/Rayman
No deviants said All Tsuna Sawada pairings

Other than Transformers any other Yume Nikki fanfic ideas?(These all have yaoi as the main pairing by the way but maybe not the EEnE one) 

3 deviants said Jack from Rise of the Guardians
3 deviants said Sonic the hedgehog
3 deviants said Tsuna from Hitman Reborn
3 deviants said Courage from Courage the Cowardly Dog(Gijinka & living with Katz)
2 deviants said Hannah from Hannah is not a Boy's Name
1 deviant said Double D from EEnE(Little kid maybe thinks back on it when older)
1 deviant said Zak from Secret Saturdays
No deviants said Ben from Ben 10(Teen or kid or kid then later on)
No deviants said Don from TMNT



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If not, that’s fine too, and I hope that you have a wonderful day! :heart:

Oh! And if you’re interested, I’m currently hosting a contest. You can win up to 1,000 points! Feel free to check it out here:…
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Thank you!!!
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You're welcome
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